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Introduction to Electric Vehicles

ECI 164 (CRN: 57387)

What cutting-edge technologies are driving the evolution of electric vehicles today?

How will electric vehicles shape the future of transportation and environmental sustainability?

What are the environmental benefits of electric vehicles compared to gas cars?

How are consumer attitudes and behaviors shifting towards electric vehicles, and what does the mean for the future?

Embark on a journey into the world of electric vehicles (EVs) and discover how they are revolutionizing transportation. This course offers a deep dive into the technologies driving EV innovation, their environmental impact, and their role in reshaping global economies. Uncover the challenges and opportunities in EV adoption, understand the policies influencing their growth, and explore the integration with renewable energy sources. Whether you're passionate about technology, concerned about environmental sustainability, or curious about the future of transportation, this course is your gateway to understanding the electric vehicle revolution.

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