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Countdown to Maine

My wife Annabelle and I drove down with our beautiful dog Benji to LA this week as I prepared to depart to the east coast from LAX. This trip wouldn't be possible without the support of Annabelle! She's given me her blessing to adventure for two months and is looking after the dog while I'm away. Speaking of which, he survived his first multi-hour car ride without any mishaps (a big accomplishment for us considering how often he throws up in the car)!

In order to fly with my bike, I needed to fit it into a bike box, which meant deconstructing the bike by removing the handlebars, racks, fenders, and wheels. I already had a mishap where a screw for the fender was shorn off, blocking me from reattaching new fenders (fortunately a different configuration was successful). After some heated wrestling, I managed to take everything apart and stuff it into the bike box.

Some hours later, I was up at 4 am to fly out of LAX but the check-in line (unavoidable due to my oversized bike box) was so long due to a cancelled flight that I ended up missing my flight! Luckily they had one seat left on the next available flight so I was less than 1 hour delayed from the original schedule. I also realized that I forgot my helmet and bike light :O at home so some new purchases were required after I landed in Boston. I stayed with my good friend DL from graduate school who cooked a delicious meal and helped me re-assemble my bike. I'll finally be ready to drive up to Maine in my rental to officially start my tour!

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TJ Kyong
TJ Kyong
Jul 22, 2021

You got a GPS tracker that maps your route that u can show us? (That is after you actually start)

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